Mary Graydon: Your Personal Guide to English Mastery

Mary Graydon is more than just an English teacher; she’s a traveler, adventurer, painter, sailor, mother, and life skills coach. Her love of nature is only shadowed by her passion of teaching English. A seasoned professional with a mission of helping foreign speakers become fluent in English. After a 25 year career, in the North American school systems, where she dedicated herself to teaching English, Mary has now taken her expertise online.

With “Learn English Easy,” you’ll have the opportunity to engage in one-on-one live tutoring sessions with Mary herself. Her extensive experience in instructing foreign speakers ensures that you’ll receive personalized attention tailored to your unique needs.

Mary Graydon in the forest
Life in the Forest
Mary Graydon on her Matilda sail boat
Mary on her sailboat on Lake Simcoe
Mary Graydon out for a walk on Vancouver Island
So Many Places to Walk

Why Choose Mary Graydon?

online canadian english teacher Mary Graydon
  • Experienced Professional: Mary’s career, in both the Canadian and American school systems, has equipped her with the skills and knowledge to teach English at all levels.
  • Specialized in ESL: Her focus on English as a Second Language (ESL) means she understands the specific challenges faced by foreign speakers. Mary has tutored English to hundreds of foreign students. You could be next!
  • One-on-One Tutoring: Mary’s personalized approach ensures that each session is adapted to your individual learning pace and goals.
  • Online Convenience: Learn from the comfort of your home with Mary’s online tutoring sessions, designed to make English learning accessible and enjoyable.

Join Mary Graydon’s “Learn English Easy” tutoring program today, and take the first step towards acquiring fluency and competence in English. Her dedication and expertise make her the perfect guide on your journey to mastering the English language.

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