We are Mary Graydon & David Jollymore

Mary & David

About Us!

Happily Married!  Healthy lifestyle!  Staying in Service!
These are the values which have served us so far. Our first commitment is to each other and to our selves. Then, to be of service to others. This website is about “giving”. A lifetime of experience and education is a wonderful value to pass on to others.

Born in Toronto, Canada, Mary spent her professional life teaching English.  Mary completed her university degree in Fairbanks, Alaska, USA, and began her teaching career in Anchorage, Alaska. Years later she returned to Toronto, Canada and continued her teaching career.  Mary opened her tutoring business in 2004, while she was still teaching in school full time. She later changed her business model to online video tutoring and has been teaching English students from countries on all corners of the Earth for over 8 years now.

David, on the other hand, was born in Halifax, Canada. Upon completing his degree, David obtained work with a large Canadian railroad where he spent the next 20 years. After two decades with the railroad, David ventured out into the business world. His educational background in the sciences and a natural “gift of the gab”, positioned David to persue the life of a seriel entrepreneur in the “environmental” niche market. From baby diapers, to the recyling industries, and finally the “clean-tech” energy industry, David realized his mission was to facilitate a better world for his children.

Together, we hope to provide you with materials with which to practice your English skills and simultaneously expand your educational horizons.

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