Essential English Phrases for Hotel Conversations

Hotel conversations in English

Booking and Reservations

  1. Do you have any vacancies? – Asking if rooms are available.
  2. I have a reservation. – Confirming a pre-booked stay.
  3. Is breakfast included? – Asking about meal options.
  4. What’s the check-out time? – Inquiring about when to leave.
  5. Can I extend my stay? – Asking to stay longer.

At the Front Desk

  1. I’d like to check in. – Initiating the check-in process.
  2. Can I have a wake-up call? – Requesting a morning call.
  3. Is there Wi-Fi? – Asking about internet access.
  4. Where is the elevator? – Locating the lift.
  5. Can I leave my luggage here? – Asking for luggage storage.

Room Amenities

  1. Is there room service? – Asking about in-room dining.
  2. How do I adjust the A/C? – Controlling room temperature.
  3. Do you have a gym? – Inquiring about fitness facilities.
  4. Is there a minibar? – Asking about in-room refreshments.
  5. How does the TV work? – Operating the television.

Requests and Complaints

  1. The room is too noisy. – Reporting a problem.
  2. Can I have extra towels? – Requesting more amenities.
  3. The Wi-Fi isn’t working. – Reporting a technical issue.
  4. Can I get a late check-out? – Asking to leave later.
  5. Is there a lost and found? – Inquiring about misplaced items.

Checking Out

  1. I’d like to check out. – Initiating the check-out process.
  2. Is the bill correct? – Confirming charges.
  3. Can I get a receipt? – Asking for payment proof.
  4. How do I get to the airport? – Asking for transport options.
  5. Thank you for the stay. – Expressing gratitude.

These phrases are invaluable for anyone staying in hotels, especially for students preparing for university, business professionals on work trips, and self-improvement enthusiasts. Being familiar with these phrases can make your hotel experience more comfortable and efficient.

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