English Phrases for Dining Out

Dining out

Making Reservations

  1. Do I need a reservation? – Asking if booking is required.
  2. Table for two, please. – Requesting a table for a specific number of people.
  3. Is the patio open? – Inquiring about outdoor seating.
  4. What’s the dress code? – Asking about appropriate attire.
  5. Can we get a booth? – Requesting a specific type of seating.

Ordering Food

  1. What’s the special? – Asking about the day’s unique dish.
  2. I’m vegetarian. – Stating dietary restrictions.
  3. Can I get this to go? – Asking for takeout.
  4. Hold the onions. – Requesting a modification.
  5. Is this dish spicy? – Inquiring about food spiciness.

During the Meal

  1. Can we get more water? – Asking for a refill.
  2. This is delicious! – Complimenting the food.
  3. Can I get the check? – Asking for the bill.
  4. Is gratuity included? – Asking if the tip is part of the bill.
  5. Can we split the bill? – Requesting separate checks.

Dealing with Issues

  1. This isn’t what I ordered. – Reporting a mistake.
  2. Can I speak to the manager? – Escalating an issue.
  3. This is too cold. – Complaining about food temperature.
  4. How long is the wait? – Asking about food preparation time.
  5. Is this gluten-free? – Inquiring about dietary options.

Leaving the Restaurant

  1. That was excellent, thank you. – Expressing satisfaction.
  2. Where’s the restroom? – Asking for facilities.
  3. Do you take credit cards? – Asking about payment methods.
  4. Goodbye! – A polite farewell.
  5. We’ll be back soon. – Indicating plans to return.

These phrases are essential for anyone dining out, especially for students preparing for university, business professionals, and self-improvement enthusiasts. Knowing these phrases can make your dining experience more enjoyable and less stressful.

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