Airports and Travel can be stressful, even if you can understand the words. If you don’t understand the words, it can be a disaster!

Airport Travel terms and Phrases

Check-In and Ticketing

  1. Check-in Counter – Where you get your boarding pass.
  2. Boarding Pass – The ticket that allows you onto the plane.
  3. Baggage Claim – Where you pick up your checked luggage.
  4. Excess Baggage – Luggage that exceeds the weight limit.
  5. Window or Aisle Seat? – Choosing your seat preference.

Security Check

  1. TSA PreCheck – Expedited security screening.
  2. Remove Your Shoes – Instruction at security.
  3. Liquids in a Clear Bag – Requirement for carrying liquids.
  4. Metal Detector – Device you walk through for security.
  5. Random Check – Unplanned additional screening.

Boarding and On the Plane

  1. Boarding Gate – Where you wait to board the plane.
  2. Final Call – Last chance to board.
  3. In-Flight Service – Food and drink on the plane.
  4. Fasten Your Seatbelt – Safety instruction.
  5. Cabin Crew – Airline staff on the plane.

Arrival and Customs

  1. Landing Card – Form filled out before landing.
  2. Customs Declaration – Declaring items to customs.
  3. Passport Control – Where your passport is checked.
  4. Duty-Free – Shops with tax-free items.
  5. Arrivals Hall – Where you meet people or get transport.

Asking for Help

  1. Is this the right gate? – Confirming your location.
  2. Where can I find a taxi? – Asking for transportation.
  3. What’s the Wi-Fi password? – Internet access query.
  4. Is there a delay? – Asking about flight status.
  5. Where is the nearest restroom? – Locating facilities.

These phrases are crucial for anyone traveling through airports, especially for students preparing for university abroad, business professionals on work trips, and self-improvement enthusiasts looking to travel. Knowing these phrases can make your airport experience smoother and less stressful.

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