Introduction to English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language

It has been four years since Mary and I began teaching English on the internet. During this time we have spoken to thousands of English students from every corner of the Earth. I have engaged in just over 10,000 teaching sessions and Mary has at least double that number of classes behind her.  Teaching English to foreign students has been both a challenge, and rewarding. We have watched many students learn our language, pass the IELTS exams and gain entry to universities and professional jobs. Others have gained promotions inside of their current employment because of their English skills.

English is not an easy language to learn. And we respect the hard work and tremendous effort which students demonstrate in their efforts to master this language.  The most common question which we hear is 

” What is the fastest way to learn English?”

If only there was an answer to this question! I would write a best selling book and become so rich with the answer. There are many answers. And there are many parts of the English language to master in order to be fluent in English.

Vocabulary, reading, comprehension, grammar, sentence structure, accent, and so much more to learn in order to become a fluent English speaker.

This blog will bring to you many of the answers to these questions. Unlike many other English blogs, which send you in search of the answers at other websites, we will bring the answers to you here at this blog site. We will teach you the skills needed to speak well and we will bring the best resources to you for your learning experience. 

So put us on your favorites list and come back often because there will be more good information here every time you come back.  Make this site a regular stop at least once each week and we will help you to improve your English skills.

Have a great week and we will see you again soon!

Good bye for now,

Mary and David

Your English Teachers

Mary and David-English teachers
Learning English is Easy and Fun

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