learning new vocabulary


   You cannot achieve any level of English skills if you do not have a good vocabulary!

   Vocabulary is the most important part of learning the English language.  How can you develop grammar, sentence structure, or speech fluency if you do not know enough words to make up a sentence?

   We often hear students complain that when they are speaking, they cannot think of the words they need.  Reading books or watching movies will help you to recall the words that you need in conversations. However, you must already know the words, their meaning, and how to use them in a sentence in order to be able to recall them when needed.  

   There are over 200,000 words in the English language and that number is growing larger ever year. New words are invented because of advancing technologies, new trends, discoveries in medicine, and because English is the youngest language on the planet Earth and it is still growing. 

   However, there are only about 2,000 words that are used in everyday language. And learning those 2,000 words and being able to use them is far more important than the other 180,000 words, most of which you might never use! 

   Therefore, the first priority of this English language blog site will be to help you to learn these 2,000 words that are the foundation of the English language. You will learn the word, the meaning and an example of the word being used in a sentence.

Context, means how to use the word in a sentence, and how the meaning of a word can be different depending on how it is used. Without context, words are very limited. When you are reading and come across a word which y0u do not fully understand, you can often find the meaning by looking at the whole sentence, or sentences, around it. You may find the meaning becomes more apparent as you look at the “context” within which it is being used.

In the vocabulary section of this blog-site, you will find a list of words and examples of these words being used in sentences. The example sentence reflects the context in which the meaning of the word may be found.

By clicking on the tab called “vocabulary”, you will be taken to a free resource which gives you the 000 most common words used in the English language. The words are all placed in alphabetical order and include the meaning and an example sentence.

Spend the time to learn these words, their meanings, and how to use each word in a sentence, and you will have made a large advancement in your English vocabulary. Follow the link at the end of this article to go to your personal list of 2000 commonly used English words.

   As well, I will supply an audio file with proper pronunciation of each word, its meaning and the sentence demonstrated in the Vocabulary document.  

   We suggest that you learn your words and meanings at a rate of one letter each week. This way, in only 6 months you will have an excellent vocabulary base from which to grow your skills.

   There is no cost to you for this education. We want to be different than other English blogging sites which send you to another website where you will pay for the service. You will find resources, books and other tools, posted in ads and in the sidebar of this site, which are for sale, should you desire to obtain any of the items. But the information and education which we will prepare and post on our site will always be free to our readers.  

Enjoy and Study often and you will succeed!
Your English Teachers,
Mary and David